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………….We are in the Abruzzo region about 60kms East of Rome.  It is the holiday home of our Italian hosts.  Scanzano is a small village with a population of no more than 100, the sort of place you dream about.  I cannot for the life of me think why the city dwellers have not exploited this area as it is well within commuting distance. No hotels or motels here and probably no Air B&B’s.  English is not spoken here and according to our hosts, neither is Italian.  It is a type of dialect.  No children in the village only oldies who look like they have been here forever.  When we arrived there had just been a procession and the streets were strewn with flowers.  I believe it is Corpus Christi.  The house we are in is one of the originals  and probably hundreds of years old.  It has been totally gutted and is totally modern inside except for the cellar which is interesting.  With the cellar it is 4 stories high but only 6m wide.  In many places the stud height is very low and you are continually bumping your head.  There is an amazing spiral staircase through the stories which my husband describes as ‘steep and tortuous’.  Civilization is about 7kms away.  It is a small town called Tagliacozzo with supermarkets and places to dine so we are all set up for a weeks exploring.  It is a hilly area , good for walking and as the hills are about 100m high it is much cooler than in Rome………..