Membership Extension

Have you followed the guidelines below without success? If so please contact me.

With the level of demand for New Zealand and Australia as holiday destinations it is unusual not to get an exchange. We want you to be happy with your HomeLink experience and if after following our advice to you as a new member you have not found an exchange then please call us to discuss the possibility of a membership extension.

If you encounter a major problem during your membership year we of course do our very best to help you solve it. This includes serious illness or problems resulting in cancellations of flights & arrangements.

We should point out that we expect that an Exchange Agreement form will have been filled in by both parties in the exchange as recommended. We would like to reassure you that on the rare occasions that a major problem has occurred we have been able to help the party concerned.
Here are 8 guidelines

  • Have you put interesting / inviting photos on your listing? We recommend a local attraction for first photo
  • Have you sent out plenty of offers. A handful is sometimes not enough?
  • Have you personalised your message. ‘Dear John & Mary’ is more likely to get a response than simply ‘Hi’
  • Have you checked your ‘Response rate’ . Members are attracted to the ‘100%’ response rate.
  • Have you read the HomeLink Newsletter which often has members offers ?
  • Have you extended your search to cover ‘Open’ ?
  • Have you tried Phoning prospective exchange partners? This is much more effective than a message. Try joining Viber for cheap or free calls.
  • Finally and most important…….. Have you phoned me and asked for help?

Sarah Cooke – Manager HomeLink AU&NZ
Totara Heights, Auckland 2105
Contact us
I’m on Viber for a free call. Phone: 021 338 434