Keeping in touch for September 2018.

Reminder about 3 months for introducing member.
Just in case you have forgotten.  If you introduce a new member you will receive an extra three months added to your membership.    To avoid confusion, they will need to join HomeLink.  Sorry, a month Free Trial is not enough

Calling all Queenstown & Rotorua Members.  We are desperate for Members in your area so here is your opportunity .  Four new members and you have a free membership!!

Your technical section

1.  Hints for searching

I was asked should  sleeping capacity should be included in a search. Answer…….. Keep it simple and just search for the place you want to go to.  Discuss details later

2.  Time duration doesn’t suit

I heard of someone turning down an exchange because the Member wanted 6 weeks and they only wanted two.  If this happens to you please let us know.  We often know someone who can fill in.

Do you fancy a skiing holiday in Patagonia or a beach holiday in Thailand

This week we welcome 2 very interesting Free Trial Members.  Read about Mariano Couffignal & Trish Berry below

Mariano has a house in a ski resort in Patagonia.  Tracy has a house in Thailand.  Sadly neither of them want a holiday in  Australia or NZ at present but I am quite sure they will in their future plans when they find out how amazing we are!  You can certainly try them.

Why not send them a message, and encourage them to exchange with you when they join

Members requests

  • Avril & Paul Cavanagh  IE00086767  whose home (on left) is in Downings , County Donegal and has breathtaking views would like an exchange in the Auckland area.  Dates are yet to be set. They are very flexibleJohn & I are exchanging with them next year and they hope to be here between December & March 2019 .   Here is an opportunity to introduce a new Member for someone


  • Vicki Pearse AU00102633 whose home overlooks (on right) Lake Maquarie would  love an exchange in the North Island.  Please contact Vicki and discuss dates if you can help