Keeping in touch for August 2018.

Your Lucky day
I am sure you’ve always wanted to see the 3 of us so here we are.  John & Valerie have been exchanging since 1993 and have lost count of exchanges but it’s well in the 50’s.  We took over as Directors of HomeLink NZ in 2000.  Daughter Sarah is now Service Manager of both NZ & AU.  She is very enthusiastic and eager to help when needed.

Your technical section

Remember that a great first photo of your view or Local tourist spot is important.  I have checked through all the AU & NZ photos.  Sorry to say I found quite a few upside down or sideways and several  ‘beds’. I have ‘turned’ these for you.  Not the beds, the photos !   It’s very easy for you to do this or alter their positions by  Drag & Drop.
Members can assume a well presented home so show off your local attractions to attract attention for holiday possibilities

Your questions
  • When I search for Australia,  I see results that are not seeking Australia, why is this?
In the image as presented in a search result you will notice ‘View More’  Click and you will see that they also want to visit Australia.
  • I am going overseas and would like to know my expiry date.
Your Membership expiry is always the last day of the month.  Suits us and I am sure suits you as some of you will get an extra month!.  We always notify you in advance so not to worry.
N.B. Unlike some organisations we do not retain your credit card details.

Your alternatives to exchanging homes

  • Pet sitting

We  contacted a Member in Hawaii for an exchange and  I found her reply very interesting.
“I don’t exchange. I use HomeLink as a pet sitting service for my dog.  I am away a lot and it is much cheaper than paying for a kennels”
This started me thinking.  What a good idea.  A happy dog. A happy owner & a very happy HomeLink Member.  Please let your dog/ cat  owner friends know about this. Pet sitting is becoming more and more popular

  • Motor homes and how to search for them

I am aware that there are  a lot of motor homes/ caravans  among members.  Here is how to search………………….

  • Choose a ‘random country’ (SEARCH)………… Put in AU or NZ in Location of your home………….Remove the ‘random country’ then click Search……………. (result is a world search)
  • Click ‘exclude Open to offers’……………….
  • Click ‘More filters/Affinities & affiliations/ Check Motorhomes & Caravans…………… Your have a world wide Result

56 Members world wide with Motor homes want exchanges in Australia………….37 Members want exchanges in NZ.
Doing a reverse search.  There appear to be 34 Members in NZ with Motor Homes & 96 Members in Australia.

Members requests

  • Avril & Paul Cavanagh from county Donegal, Ireland IE00086767 would like an exchange in New Zealand Dec 2018- March 2019.
  • Jack Graber of Homelink Canada has  Members offering  a Home Sitting opportunity from Sept 6th to October 15th 2018.  They are Irene & Henry King  CA91045
  • Olive Mulcahy & Michael  Mercier NZ2091 would like an exchange in the South Island over Christmas/New year.  They have a house in Wellington & a beach house in Waikanae

Requests for Australia & New Zealand below –  Click the image to view




Sarah Cooke – Manager HomeLink AU&NZ
Totara Heights, Auckland 2105
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