Hint of the month
If you can offer a  Non Simultaneous exchange make sure this is a priority in your first message to another Member. Often very important with exchanges up North!

Urgent request

Australian Members from Perth were on holiday in the South Island when one of them suffered a very serious medical problem   It involves a lengthy stay in Dunedin for the husband with his wife in intensive care at Dunedin Hospital.  If anyone living in or having a holiday home  in the Dunedin area can offer House sitting or offer an exchange  it would be much appreciated.  You would be welcome for a holiday in Perth which can be arranged later.   I have experienced the generosity of HomeLink members before and hope someone can help.
Please contact ……………Kevin Butler   kevlyn4@bigpond.com
Blast from the past

I was recently looking through old documents and found this interesting photograph.  It is a HomeLink Conference in Vancouver sometime in the 1990’s with HomeLink Representatives marvelling over their ability to be on the Internet.  It shows Jack Graber, still in charge at HomeLink Canada, Karl Costabel still in charge of HomeLink USA, Jan Klussendorf still in charge of HomeLink Belgium and previous generations of some current HomeLink Representatives.   This marked a new era and the gradual withdrawal of the HomeLink Books which were sent out to all HomeLink members from 1953 until 2005.


The books went but the Local support has continued to be our main point of difference.   We were really ahead of the time as other HomeExchange companies did not start up until  50 years later  when the internet made all things possible.  John &  I were hand delivering books to Members in the Auckland area in the early 2000’s. Quite an exercise as they were the size of the Auckland phone book. We got to know a lot of Members then, many of them still Members.

How to make yourself non simultaneous

The seasonal differences with the Northern Hemisphere often make it essential to do Non Simultaneous exchanges and of course preferred dates are also an issue. If you can say “ I would like to be in London from June 1st to 15th.  You can come to Sydney when it suits you”  You will find making arrangements very much easier.

If you have a holiday home, caravan, boat or a handy relative then you have no problems.  The way we do this as we do not have a Holiday Home  is to visit a son or daughter for the duration or take a short break close to home


If you are with Vodafone NZ.  Not sure about AU.  You will be aware that they are ceasing their Email service.  If this is you then you will need to alter your Email address on your Dashboard otherwise you will be cut off from HomeLink.  If you did not put a phone number on your listing you will be cut off from us as well!

Struggling to find an exchange

If you are in Australia why not  try looking for someone who  is seeking NZ.    We have contacted many members over the years who have not even thought of adding on the other country sometimes in fact not realising we are so close!  Reverse the process  if you are in NZ.   We got a great exchange in Paris a few years back by spotting a member who wanted to go to Japan.  Seeing he was prepared for long haul travel we contacted him and  got a month in Central Paris. He hadn’t even thought of coming to NZ.

Special request
Jeff Aylott, UK member with a house in Portugal is struggling to find a AU or NZ exchange.   There are very few listings in Portugal so here is a great opportunity for someone.  Please click the photo to view the listing.



Technical Bits
You can  now edit your EAF & EEF if you have to make a change.

Please clarify your name on a payment?
Most of the time names are quite clear but twice this month we have been completely baffled by a payment.  We can get to grips with a Membership under one name and a payment coming under another name and finding out that it is a partner whose name we did not know but when a payment comes in with a Company name we have no idea who it is and have to find it through a process of elimination. I hope you can clarify this when making a payment to HomeLink.

Sarah Cooke – Manager HomeLink AU&NZ
Totara Heights, Auckland 2105
I’m on Viber for a free call. Phone: 021 338 434
News Editor Valerie Martin