What happens when an exchange is cancelled ?

For the first time in 25 years of exchanges John & I have had to cancel  our 3 exchanges in the Ireland & the UK which we were so looking forward to.  It was a sudden and unexpected health issue.  We received sympathy and understanding from our exchange partners and suggesting that we go next year which we have gratefully accepted.

Flexible arrangements

If the unexpected happens it is much easier to rearrange Home Exchanges than to cope with rental & Hotel bookings and getting reimbursed.  We always do non simultaneous exchanges so the other parties do not need to alter their arrangements.
Talking about non simultaneous exchanges.  you may think that this is not possible for you because you don’t have a holiday home.  We don’t have a holiday home but we do like breaks away from home so we either go and stay with family or take a short break somewhere local.   Here is another alternative below………………………

Can I join with a friend?

If you join with a friend or family member it is easy to take non simultaneous exchanges.  When your exchange partners plan to come you can stay at your friends house.  Just remember to make sure your exchange partner knows exactly who is staying. N.B. Only the registered Member will be able to make the Exchange arrangements

New Member referral

Did you know that you can get 3 months free extension to your Membership  by referring a friend.  Just a reminder that the friend must join!.…………………. Introduce a friend   Why not introduce 4 friends and get a free Membership?

How can I write a Guest book entry ?

Question :  My exchange partner has written in my Guest book and I would  like to do the same.  Where do I find it?
Answer:    Click the drop menu at Login and choose ‘Our Exchanges’.  Click ‘Past exchanges’ and then ‘Provide feedback on this exchange.’  This area contains the ‘Exchange Evaluation form’ and the  ‘Guest Book’
This whole section is only activated by a completed Exchange Agreement form and this is one reason why the form is so important.

How can I control internet data usage?

Question:   My recent Exchanger used up all my Internet Data.  How can I control this?
Answer:  Make it clear in your ‘Exchange agreement form’ that you have limited data available.  I don’t think the exchange partner can be blamed in this case as unlimited data is pretty common these days.





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