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Dream of the future

We all love holidays and when all our problems are over and life returns to normal, why not make a start by exchanging Locally. Have a holiday in our own fabulous countries. With the unlikelihood of any International travel in the near future we at HomeLink NZ have taken action. We like the idea of helping our tourism industry get back on its feet and have decided we could make our small contribution. With this in mind we have taken the liberty of adding New Zealand or Australia as a destination to ALL your listings.

When present problems are over

No chance of any Trans Tasman travel yet of course but things are starting to look better and there is nothing to stop you making arrangements for the future. All of a sudden there will be lots of opportunities ! Have a relaxing holiday in the comfort of a fellow Members home. It costs next to nothing and you can support the Local restaurants and tourist attractions. When your renewal time comes you can renew as a Local Member at a reduced rate and upgrade to a Full Membership when the time is right.

Benefits of Local exchanging

At present  there is no chance of International flights.  But this does not stop us Exchanging in our own country when the time is right

  • If you are new to the idea of Home Exchange, HomeLink Local   is a good way to try it out.
  • If you are getting older and want close to home holidays then this may be for you
  • If you have children, why not exchange for a fully equipped ‘child friendly’ home.  Great for Teachers.
  • Tell your friends. An introduction gets you a months bonus!
  • This holiday costs you nothing Usually though it’s not a question of saving money it’s a question of the comfort and convenience that staying in a home brings.
  • For newcomers use your Free Trial to have a good look

Think about it

You simply choose Join Now and when asked, click the membership type HomeLink Local

  • Your membership will entitle you to 12 months membership as part of the HomeLink Database but you are restricted to NZ & Australian exchanges only

If you wish you can upgrade to a full HomeLink membership at any time. You will need to ask us about this.
Sarah Cooke HomeLink AU & NZ
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