What began as an good idea  65 years ago has grown  to  change the way many of us take holidays.

Since 1953,our global community has grown by embracing a wonderful tradition. We like to call it, “The HomeLink Spirit”. It is our simple, old-fashioned community values. Respect. Trust. Caring. Generosity. We understand that these are the foundation for every great home exchange holiday.

HomeLink News February 2018

I personally have been writing the Newsletters monthly for 18 years.  I always feel inspired by your comments and love to get them. I make notes of the questions people are asking and the changes we are making and try to clarify things for both geeks and non geeks.  As always if there is any request you would like put out please let us know.  Remember that this newsletter only goes to Australia & New Zealand.

How do I add my listing to the Hot List.

Periodically update / refresh your listing by adding or revising text and/or graphics then your listing will automatically be added to the Hot List.

How do I change the order of my photos

A recent change has made this really easy.  All you need to do is drag the photos to a different position. Go to ‘Mylisting’/ ‘Photos’.   If you want a new main photo just drag it to the No.1 position.  Remember to ‘save’

A request from Sarah for a surname

When you ‘Contact us’ on the web site could I ask you to put in your surname.  Often need to look at your listing and when it is signed ‘John’  it  takes a while.

Members request

A Netherlands Member   Gerda Heinstra,  is desperately seeking an exchange or housesit in/near Sydney, during  April. If you can Help Gerda please click on her name to see her listing.

How to search for members who want to come to my country

(Don’t be too specific.  Leave that until later.)

  • Choose the country you are seeking on the Home Page2. Don’t put anything else in at this stage.  Click Search.

  •  Click on ‘List view’ ( the red tab) and then ‘Exclude open to anywhere’.  This is the result you are seeking.


  • At this stage I personally would start contacting these members and ‘negotiating’  You can click ‘Add more filters’ but remember that most members are flexible with requirements.
  •  If you are still not suited then try ‘Open to anywhere’

Don’t forget all the members who would like to Pet sit

Much cheaper option than Kennels or cattery and make someone happy. Make your pet very happy as well because they can stay at home.  Please note that there is no exchange involved, just a free service from another HomeLinker.


Some current exchange offers….. click photo to view VIEW MORE

HomeLink Team – supporting members around the world…

CONTACT  Sarah Cooke – Manager HomeLink AU&NZ
Totara Heights, Auckland 2105
I’m on Viber for a free call. Phone: 021 338 434
News Editor Valerie Martin