HomeLink News for April 2018
John & Valerie will be away home exchanging in Europe for the next 2 months.  You will have to wait until July for the next Newsletter !

Gold Membership

Some years ago we started awarding gold Memberships to NZ members who had been with us for more than 5 years.  This was not the case for Australia  and in agreement with the HomeLink board  we now have the same system in place for Australian Members. Have a look and see if  the profile photo on your Dashboard has changed.

We believe this enhances your opportunities for Members seeking prospective exchanges in Australia & New Zealand

Quite amazingly 48% of AU Members now display the ‘Gold Medal’ and even more amazing is one member has been with us since 1988. 16 of you have been Members since the 1990’s .

Searching the world

If you are ‘Open to offers’ here is a quick way of seeing the possibilities

  • Click any country on the main page.  This takes you to the ‘search page’
  • Remove ‘Your destination’ and leave it blank.  Put in ‘Location of your home’.  Click ‘Search’. NB Best to put in your country rather than a suburb.
  • Result……..All Members seeking ‘Your Location’ plus ‘Open to anywhere’
  • Check ‘Exclude Open to anywhere’ Result………. All world members wishing to come to ‘Your destination’

Use the map to click the Numbers and see where they are or click ‘List view’ to see their listings. (hover over icon if in doubt)

If you are not set in your plans this is a great way to find a surprise.  One of our very best exchanges was found this way at somewhere we had never thought of going.

Members question

When I click the folder in my messaging, why can I only see Archive & Trash?
Valerie’s answer  –   See our personal listing below.  You must first ‘Create  Folder’ (Europe 2018) As many as you like!

Hot List & how to get on it

You will have seen this on the  search page.  It’s an important way to promote your listing as it is referred to a lot.  The list contains New Members and those who have updated their listing.  It is the list that is sent out to you weekly.
To put yourself on this list all you have to do is make some change to your listing. To find Members on it click as shown in the image.

Auto Blenheim

If  you are in Blenheim having a fabulous few days as we did recently you may be interested in http://www.instantauto.co.nz/   for a car rental or efficient attention if you have a problem.

Members request   – Skiers take note!

Ian & Wendy Poole  US23328  are seeking exchanges in both NZ & AU in December & January.  They have had difficult circumstances recently and we are trying to help out.

Brief Overview………..

Their home in Lake Placid is available 1st December  2018 until 15 January 2019
They are spending the 1st week with their son in NZ then would like an exchange from the 8th to the 15th December in the South Island
They are spending Christmas with their daughter in Australia  After Christmas they would like an exchange for 1-2 weeks in NSW.  Their  daughter lives in Canberra and they would ideally like an area where she might be able to reach them for a visit.

If you can help the Pooles please contact them on  Placidone@me.com   or Click the lovely photo to see their listing


Some current exchange offers….. click photo to view VIEW MORE

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