We would like to welcome those of you who remain true to the traditional values of Home Exchange



If you are thinking of joining HomeLink and have been with another Home Exchange organisation, this is for you.

Since 1953, HomeLink has promoted the culture of home exchange with trust, mutual respect, open-mindedness and genuine interest in others. HomeLink will never attach a market value to your hospitality through a points system or the like.

Important !  When you register with us we ask that you  provide us  with the number of exchanges you have made so that you are welcomed as an experienced exchanger within the HomeLink network.

We   offer members  of other Home Exchange Companies  the privileges of own loyal members with the following special rates

  1. We will add a Free Month month.  N.B. does not apply if you take the ‘Months Free Trial’
  2. We will enter the number of exchanges you have already done so that you do not appear as a new and inexperienced Member
  3. We will even transfer your  photos if required. Please let us know.

All you have to do is CONTACT US   Please give us details of your request

Sarah Cooke – Manager HomeLink AU&NZ
Totara Heights, Auckland 2105
Contact us
I’m on Viber for a free call. Phone: 021 338 434