Easy search for a member who wants to come to your country

  1.  Using  this example……………….. I want to be in Sydney in February. Here is the easy search.  Click ‘Search homes‘.  This takes you to the ‘Search page’

2.  Enter ‘Your destination’ in the left box,  in this case Australia

3.  Enter the Country of your home, In my case New Zealand in the right box nothing else at this stage .. Click SEARCH.  This result will be the number of Australians wanting to come to NZ plus those who are ‘Open to anywhere’.

4.  Click Exclude ‘open to anywhere’  just above.  NB If you do not find your required exchange you can always go back to those who are ‘Open to anywhere’ and invite them to exchange.

5.  If you want to be very specific then click ‘More filters’ in the middle of the search screen

You may of course have a different ‘destination’  Our advice is just to put in the country name and search through the list.  Much easier.  You may not find the exact place you want but somewhere near may be just fine

Sarah Cooke – Manager AU & NZ
Totara Heights, Auckland 2105


Phone:  021 338 434

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