Create a Listing

Login and go to your dashboard

  1.  Click Dates & Destination and enter at least one preferred Destination.  This is essential for your listing to be found in a Member Search.  You can also enter ‘Open’.  Put dates in only if they are essential.  Your changes will save automatically. If you need extra help click here for a more detailed explanation  HELP

2.  Click Our Listing

Click on each heading and complete in order to get a “Tick” Click ‘Save and Continue’ to progress to the next section.

3.  Photos

When you come to Photos click ‘Browse’ and go to your stored photos

  • Enter a description below your photo
  • You can have as many photos as you like 
  • Rearrange photos by Drag & Drop.
  • How to select you main photo (View or local attraction rather than house)   Drag it to the first place then click to create a blue border .
  • Handy Hints for a stellar listing

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