Glorious & Amazing - 9 months in Australia & New Zealand

9 Exchanges by UK Members

Hi Caroline……. Have been meaning to get in touch – got home in May from our marathon 9 month trip to Aus and NZ – no adjectives to do it justice really… but it was GLORIOUS AND AMAZING – even more so was all the help, courtesy &  kindness from all 9 (yes 9) of our exchangers.


  • Freemantle – a lovely restored old cottage – also adopted by their friends and neighbours when I broke my foot 4 days into the trip.
  • Geelong, Melbourne – picked up by friends over an hour away – again a lovely comfortable home.
  • Katoomba – Blue Mountains – Very sociable exchangers with a gorgeous house with a view over the mountains
  • Alexandra – NZ – Again gorgeous with views over the valley and river – also stayed with these lovely folks in Invercargill, where they took us to their Rotary Club Christmas Dinner.
  • Toowoomba – Folks kept asking us – ‘why are you going there?’ – we loved it – an amazing 30yr old Mercedes 300 to drive – very ‘Driving Miss Daisy’
  • Alexandra Headlands, Sunshine Coast, Aus. – Tropical Thunderstorms and floods, but our son joined us for 3 weeks.
  • Townsville – Just the best – these folks, a lovely friendship that will grow – also 10 days on their Magnetic Island holiday home.
  • Rockhampton – A Working town – The Beef Week was on – other peoples culture is amazing.
  • Cairns – a lovely lady in Palm Cove – turned out to be the Sister-in- law of the Toowoomba lady.!!!!

This was ALL organised on your site – just BRILLIANT –   Will we do it again?  you bet when we have finished reciprocating to our wonderful exchangers.   Exchanging has added a new dimension to our life.  We would highly recommend this to anyone.