A viable alternative - part one

While Air B&B and other similar alternatives continue to grow exponentially it’s a good time to  think about the even  better option…………..  Home Exchanging.   Air B&B may be cheaper than a hotel but it is still quite pricey compared with the Home Exchange option that cost nothing at all.  The only catch is that you generally need to have a home that is in a tourist area or a main centre, in other words somewhere that tourists would like to stay for a holiday. Bearing in mind that if you own a holiday home it would be in great demand with fellow HomeLink members in other parts of the world.

Home Exchanging is generally not done so much for the savings, which are huge, but for the convenience of staying in a home for a period that is  much longer than usual.   We have  recently experienced  a month in a four bedroomed house near the centre of Paris and two weeks near the centre of London……………  cost nothing.

No catches………..  It really works.  Over 50% of NZ members are Gold  Medal members meaning they have been members for more than 5 years.  One valued member has just retired after 20 years .