A great experience for your favourite friend

Over our 30 years of exchanging homes, John & I have looked after pets many times

What is he thinking ?

Do you think as we do that he is hoping he can stay at home and not have to go to the kennels which can be quite scary. We have the solution. There are many HomeLink Members who are happy to look after him. Good for him and good for you. You can be reassured that he is well looked after and think of all the money you are saving because it will cost you nothing

Benefits for all concerned

Pet sitting does not always involve an exchange. A Member told me she has never done an exchange but has relied on Members to look after her dog and she loves the thought that she is giving someone a free holiday. Not always a dog. We have looked after cats and birds as well. Just checked and there are 12 Members in Australia who are seeking pet care. To find them put Australia in the ‘Search box’ (Centre of main page) click and then choose ‘More filters’/ ‘Pet care needed’

Sarah Cooke – Manager AU & NZ
Totara Heights, Auckland 2105


Phone:  021 338 434