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HomeLink offers you the perfect  opportunity to travel safely  and under your own control right now.

Just think about it.  Your accommodation is private, no public hotels or, motels, no group gatherings, you are not on a cruise ship  or a long haul trip by plane.

You can still take a holiday in one of New Zealand or Australia’s  favourite holiday spots by exchanging with one of our Registered Members

  • Accommodation is Free
  • You are in charge
  • Enjoy the luxury of a fully equipped home with no charge for our Members
  • Lots of choice all over New Zealand & Australia.  View the list
  • If you have a home or holiday home in a Tourist area or Main Centre this could be perfect for you.
  • Join Now and enjoy your very special Local holiday for less than the cost of one nights paid accommodation

Since 1953 our global community has grown by embracing a wonderful tradition.  We like to call it the ‘HomeLink Spirit’.  It is our simple old fashioned community values.  Respect, trust caring, generosity.  We understand that these are the foundation of every  great Home Exchange


Typical HomeLinkers love travelling. With lovely homes or holiday homes in Tourist areas or main Centres they prefer the comforts and freedom of a fully equipped home when on holiday. Cost free accommodation means more to spend in shops and restaurants.

Covid19 - The answer for us is HomeLink Local!

We at HomeLink have been working hard to make Local Exchanging easy for you to arrange.
The ‘Your HomeLink’ pages on the main web site  have been adapted to suit Local Exchanges.  No searching is required just a click to see all the lovely opportunities available.

Each HomeLink Country has own it’s special pages.  All Members seeking Local holidays are listed.  It’s so easy.

Please don’t hesitate contacting us if you would like to discuss this further.  We are all in this together and we are here to help!

  • No credit card required for your Free Trial.You may upload photos and complete your listing and start contacting members for an exchange.
  • Ask us a question………… We’ve probably been asked before ! Contact us
  • You can count on HomeLink to have genuine up to date listings

Some current exchange offers

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