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HomeLink is traditional free of charge Home Exchanging.  No complications such as ‘trading points’ or ‘pay per night’ just a simple modest annual fee.  If this is what you are looking for you have come to the right place.

Since 1953 our global community has grown by embracing a wonderful tradition.  We like to call it the ‘HomeLink Spirit’.  It is our simple old fashioned community values.  Respect, trust caring, generosity.  We understand that these are the foundation of every  great Home Exchange


Share Traveller is a company who review various types of travel available to all of us.  Recently they did an interview with Caroline Connolly (HomeLink UK) & Inga de Ruiter (HomeLink Netherlands) They explain HomeLink so well.  It is a very good read! READ NOW

Covid19 - The consequences for us

We at HomeLink are concerned  as you must be about the Coronavirus and the impact that may have on your HomeLinking travel plans and those of your exchange partner.  With the approaching summer season in the North I am sure there are a lot of planned exchanges

The situation changes on a daily basis  and none of us can foresee the future at present.  It is unfortunately everyone’s problem and everybody must cope in the best and most sensible way we can.  If you have exchanges arranged some weeks/months in the future you may be lucky and need make no changes.

We have been thinking of you all and hoping no one is stuck overseas and especially in Italy or Spain.  You can be sure that HomeLink has your interests at heart and you will be receiving more information very soon

Please don’t hesitate contacting us if you would like to discuss this further.  We are all in this together and we are here to help!  Our email address:  

If you share our values and you would like to begin forming instant (and often lifelong) friendships in countries around the world, then on behalf of our entire global community we’d like to say, Welcome and we invite you to take advantage of our  FREE TRIAL

  • No credit card required for your Free Trial.You may upload photos and complete your listing and start contacting members for an exchange.
  • Ask us a question………… We’ve probably been asked before ! Contact us
  • You can count on HomeLink to have genuine up to date listings

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